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I am hugely proud and supportive of the excellent Maidstone Malayalee Association. They are a crucial pillar of life in Maidstone; helping to integrate and strengthen our community. MMA also undertake inspirational volunteering and fundraising work to the benefit of some of the most worthwhile causes in our town. Maidstone is undoubtedly so much the better off for MMA’s superb activities.


Very best wishes,


Member of Parliament for Maidstone and The Weald

UK Special Envoy for Girls’ Education

Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Nigeria

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About MMA

Maidstone Malayalee Association, is a Maidstone based association of people of origin from the South Indian State ‘Kerala‘ who speak the language ‘Malayalam’. 


The main purpose of the association is to provide a safe platform to care and share among families and individuals who have similar backgrounds and interests. MMA aims to act as a buffer to help new members integrate to Maidstone life. We cultivate cultural values, promote traditional art forms and help the kids to learn their mother tongue ‘Malayalam ‘so that they grow with traditional values and wisdom incorporated with British values. 


The Association organises platforms for celebrating traditional and regional festivals like ‘Onam’ and Christmas, where all families get together in regional attires to perform traditional arts and cultural performances.

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