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Youth Club


What is Youth Club?

Youth Club organise venues for the MMA Juniors to meet and participate in a variety of activities that encourage leadership, perseverance and responsibility. We organise Youth programmes of adventure, arts and sports. We facilitate and act as buffer to improve local network building and coordination with County level Youth Leaders.  




MMA have a badminton club that runs on Saturdays, in Beechwood hall. Come by just to play or have fun or even improve your skills. Coached by professionals. Participants must contribute to meet the expenses.

karate mma.jpg

Karate Club

Karate is taught by Sensei Santosh, an experienced black belt. It is a fun and very knowledgeable experience, teaching self-defence.

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Dance Class

There is a dance class conducted by professional teachers, occurring every week. There are many different types of dance forms taught, such as Indian classical and cinematic dance.

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